Where Are You Today?

What should you focus on next?

Introducing: The Business Lifecycle

the biz lifecycle

There’s an infinite list of things to do and decisions to make when you want to scale beyond 7-figures.

So where should you focus right now?

4 Stages Of The Business Lifecycle

1. Startup

You’re trying to find product-market fit. You need to get your first group of customers to validate your offering.

You’re challenged with:

  • Getting little or no sales
  • Missing a repeatable sales channel
  • Lacking an ideal customer profile (ICP)

You need to focus on getting traction.

  1. One type of customer
  2. One sales channel
  3. One product
  4. One offer

Get to $1M/yr.

2. Growth

You’ve been growing year-over-year and you have at least one proven way to get new customers repeatably.

You’re challenged with:

  • Revenue is flat
  • Cost to acquire a customer (CAC) is rising
  • Lacking a full, end-to-end marketing strategy

You need to focus on refining your marketing strategy.

  1. Build out a full-funnel (awareness, up-sells, down-sells, follow-ups, etc.)
  2. Go wider and deeper (customer types, sales channels, products, offers, etc.)
  3. Track your numbers and KPIs

Get to $10M/yr.

3. Maturity

You’re generating revenue and healthy profit margins—but running the business day-to-day is chaotic and unsustainable. Your time is being stretched thin, meetings take up your whole calendar, and fires need to be put out constantly.

You’re challenged with:

  • Lacking standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Knowledge gaps and marketing leadership
  • Time-starvation—as you get pulled in too many directions

You need to focus on creating systems.

  1. Define and standardize activities with SOPs
  2. Look for hidden revenue streams without costs
  3. Optimize cost centers and lower CAC

Get to $30M/yr.

4. Scale

You’re ready to scale by expanding and bringing new offerings to market in order to drive new sources of revenue

You’re challenged with:

  • Product innovation has slowed down
  • Competitors and savvy new entrants are taking marketshare
  • Revenue is plateauing

You need to focus on strategic expansion.

Get to $50-100M+/yr.

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