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Are You Experiencing Growing Pains?

Welcome To The SparkAccelerator™

The Trusted Advisor Program

So you’ve got some growing pains…

And you want unlimited access to an outside expert—sort of like insurance for your marketing.

After all, marketing is the gasoline to your revenue engine. Once it dries up, so does the revenue.

So here’s what marketing consulting is:

  • 1-on-1 strategic advisory
  • 1-hour weekly video calls
  • Unlimited access

What You Get

As a business owner, you understand that marketing plays the most important role in the growing and scaling of the business. But this comes with unique challenges and your small business marketing consultant is here to help.

What You Can Expect

Strategic advisory for effective marketing and efficient systems.

On-Call Advisory

  • Per Use
  • 1-Hour Video Calls
  • Custom Marketing Strategy
  • + Templates & Workbooks

Strategic Advisory

  • Monthly Plan
  • Everything In Option 1 +
  • 1-On-1 Strategy Advisory
  • 1-Hour Weekly Video Calls

Strategic Advisory+

  • Monthly Plan
  • Everything In Option 2 +
  • Strategic & Tactical Advisory With Your Team
  • 1-Hour Weekly Video Calls
  • + Unlimited Call/Text/Email Access

My Guarantee To You

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“It helped me understand my own business even better. What are its strong points and its weaknesses, who my target group is, what’s a realistic potential growth, etc.”

in food we trustAngelis, Owner at In Food We Trust

“When it comes to ecommerce, conversion tracking, PPC and building funnels Steve is the expert.”

nationwide scentsElam, Owner at Nationwide Scents

“SparkPPC helped me draw a steady stream of visitors to my relatively new store. He guided me in building my first sales funnel and getting concrete results.”

ezteaSomayaji, Founder at EzTea

We’re A Good Fit For:

We’re Not A Good Fit For:

sparkppc steven marin

Steven Marin
Owner, SparkPPC

I’ve made every mistake so you don’t have to. Get expert advisory on the biggest challenges you face in the growth of your business.