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Get Started On Growing From $1M To $10M+

It Starts With Your First 90 Days!


How It Works

The First 90 Days…

marketing consulting - growth marketing map

Spot the gaps and opportunities.

We’ll look at your company goals, marketing process, and ways to increase revenue, sales from existing customers, and new customers.

CMOmentum Consulting - 90-day action plan

Create your 90-day action plan.

Together we’ll design a custom 90-day marketing plan that ensures focus, creates a repeatable process, and gets you the results you’re after.

CMOmentum Consulting - scorecard

Track your revenue and profit growth.

While your team executes the 90-day marketing plan, together we’ll define the metrics that matter, create a scorecard to track results, and prove a profitable ROI.

CMOmentum Consulting - weekly checkins

Check-in calls weekly.

We’ll meet on weekly, 1-on-1 check-in calls to track your progress and accountability, work through any challenges, brainstorm new ideas, and more.

Repeat Every 90 Days…

CMOmentum Consulting - growth marketing

Repeat Growth.

The Growth Framework is the system for continuous improvement analyzing your customer journey map and uncovering gaps and opportunities based on your KPIs.

Who It’s For

What You Get

Choose Your Plan

CMOmentum™ Consulting

$3500in 3 payments
  • or $10,000 ($500 savings)
  • Spot gaps and opportunities in your marketing.
  • Create a strategic 90-day action plan.
  • Track your revenue and profit growth.
  • Check-in weekly to continue growth.

On-Call Advisory

$995per call
  • Schedule a call anytime.
  • You decide what you want to focus on.

My Guarantee To You

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“It helped me understand my own business even better. What are its strong points and its weaknesses, who my target group is, what’s a realistic potential growth, etc.”

in food we trustAngelis, Owner at In Food We Trust

“When it comes to ecommerce, conversion tracking, PPC and building funnels Steve is the expert.”

nationwide scentsElam, Owner at Nationwide Scents

“SparkPPC helped me draw a steady stream of visitors to my relatively new store. He guided me in building my first sales funnel and getting concrete results.”

ezteaSomayaji, Founder at EzTea


Q: What is CMOmentum?

A: It’s a 90-day program designed to help you implement the plan we’ve created during the Clarity Call.

After those 90 days, we can choose to continue diagnose, prescribe, execute, and assess other gaps and opportunities—by continuing to work together on 90-day projects.

Q: How much is it?

A: The program is 3 monthly payments of $3500 or 1 payment of $10,000 ($500 savings).

Or if you’re just looking to schedule calls whenever you might need them, I offer On-Call Advisory for $995.

Q: What kind of ROI can I expect from your consulting services?

A: My goal is to bring you more value than what my fee is worth. The gold standard is a 10X return on investment—so let’s focus on the big problems.

Q: How are you different than other consultants?

A: Personally, I feel that marketing goals and the company’s goals are usually at odds with each other. The company wants to make more revenue and profit and lower expenses. Marketing is an investment (read: expense).

So I like to take the approach of first aligning the company’s goals with marketing goals so that we begin to track the goals and metrics that drive revenue, profit, and expenses.

Q: What should I do next if I’m interested in working with you?

A: Click on the Apply Now button below.