You Too Can Skip Business “Growing Pains”
With This Simple Plan

The 5 Stages Of The Business Lifecycle
And The 3 Levers Of Growth.

the biz lifecycle

Flatlining (or falling) revenues…

…daily “fires” to put out,

…competitors and new-comers creeping in,

…feeling you should be farther ahead than you are,

Never again.

These are the dreaded business “growing pains”—and they’re negatively impacting your business as we speak.

So is the answer to simply “spend more” on sales and marketing? Absolutely NOT.

There are 3 growth “levers” in your business and you don’t just need to spend more—just think strategically.

First, let’s see where YOU are in your business…

5 Stages Of The Business Lifecycle

1. Launch

launch biz lifecycle

You’re trying to get product-market fit. Your goal here is to get traction—your first group of customers to validate your business.

The big challenge you’ll face is getting customers repeatably.

2. Growth

growth biz lifecycle

Your business has been growing year-over-year. You have at least one proven way to get new customers repeatably.

Now your biggest challenge is sustaining all this growth:

  • Continue growing revenues
  • Expanding to new marketing channels, customer segments, and/or products
  • Beating out competitors and those savvy new-comers
  • Turning knowledge into processes to streamline and put out “fires” for good

Most importantly your biggest challenge is not getting too comfortable.

NOTE: The Growth and Flatline stages are where I can best help you get to Breakout.

3. Flatline

flatline biz lifecycle

This is the make or break stage. Growth is slowing down, maybe even dipping a little.

A decision must be made.

Biggest challenge: see challenges for Growth.

NOTE: The Growth and Flatline stages are where I can best help you get to Breakout.

4. Breakout or Decline

breakout or decline biz lifecycle

You’ve either taken action and broken out into a new period of Growth or did nothing and are beginning to Decline.

5. Game Over

game over biz lifecycle

If you did nothing—game over. But we both know that’s not you.

Discover The Fortune That’s Hidden In Your Business

So if you’re still reading this, it’s clear you want to take action and re-enter the Growth stage.

Is your only option throwing more money at new customers? Nope!

Here are the 3 ways to grow a business…

1. Increase the average value of a transaction

This method involves increasing the average transaction value or average order value (AOV).

Get 15X more revenue without spending on new customers.

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2. Increase the frequency of sales

With this method, you’ll rely on increasing the buyer frequency and retention of your previous customers.

Get 11X more sales from your existing customers.

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3. Increase the number of new customers

Last, but not least, good ol’ new customer acquisition.

Get 17X new customers and increase new sales opportunities.

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