Fractional Marketing Leadership

Helps 7-Figure Owner-Operators
Generate $500K+ in Top-Line Revenue
in 90 Days With The E-Launch Method™

Without Your Time Being Spread Thin, Needing Technical Marketing Knowledge,
or Lacking Processes to Drive Consistent Revenue

“Find Hidden Revenue Sources Already In Your Business Fast
Without Spending A Dime More On Marketing”

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Need A Marketing Leader In Your Business?

Take back your time with a Fractional Marketing Leader. If you need the expertise and leadership of a chief marketing officer (CMO) without the cost of full-time support because…

👉 Your marketing feels more like an expense than profit
👉 You’re working 10x harder, but not making 10x the revenue
👉 Your business has grown, so you can no longer solely focus on marketing
👉 You offer better products, but your competitors have the marketshare

Get strategic leadership at a fraction of the cost and your time back to focus on the business.

fractional cmo

Steven Marin

Fractional CMO

Why A Fractional CMO?

Hire a Fractional CMO if:

  • You need someone to set the strategy and lead your team.
  • You don’t want to do it yourself.

Hire a marketing agency if:

  • You need someone to send emails, post on social media, manage your ads, etc.
  • You want to manage them and check their work.

What Does A Fractional CMO Do?

fractional cmo

Gets You Performance

✅ Increases your revenue and revenue sources

✅ Lowers your customer acquisition cost

✅ Creates or refines your marketing strategy

Saves You Time

✅ Manages your marketing team, contractors, and vendors

✅ Removes marketing meetings from your calendar

✅ Stays on top of all the changes in digital and marketing

Creates Your Processes

✅ Oversees repeatable implementation of cross-channel marketing

✅ Defines the team’s standard operating procedures

✅ Reports on your most important numbers


What Others Have Said

“It helped me understand my own business even better. What are its strong points and its weaknesses, who my target group is, what’s a realistic potential growth, etc.”

in food we trustAngelis, Owner at In Food We Trust

“When it comes to ecommerce, conversion tracking, PPC and building funnels Steve is the expert.”

nationwide scentsElam, Owner at Nationwide Scents

“SparkPPC helped me draw a steady stream of visitors to my relatively new store. He guided me in building my first sales funnel and getting concrete results.”

ezteaSomayaji, Founder at EzTea

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